Friday, August 22, 2008

An update to the update on the summer list

Since the kids start school on Monday, I must give up the remaining items on the list but before I do I finished a few more. Nick actually got his birthday party at Boondocks, we spent the night in Park City on Sunday, I've helped Mary with Lily(the new baby), I'm counting DeeDee's party last night, as the summer BBQ and I finished the second book in the Necroscope series(only one to go). All in all it was a very productive summer although a little boring. Football starts tomorrow as well as soccer. Ben and Nick are playing football and as always Jake is playing soccer. Sam is playing lacrosse but it doesn't start until next week, along with dance and gymnastics for Maggie. Here we go... After the kids start school next week (before the fall shows start and my DVR begins working overtime) I'll post the summer picture list and the fun activities.

I can start to feel fall in the air, the nights are getting a little crispier and the leaves are starting to change in the mountains. Katie and Andy will have been married a year on the 25th with a baby boy due in December. The year has flown by.


Ali Flegal said...

"...the nights are getting a little crispier and the leaves are starting to change..."

Sheeesh. That's enough to make a Southern girl homesick.

I feel more tired after reading what you're schedule will be this fall. I hope you have a good relationship with your car because you'll be in it a lot :)

mary said...

I would hardle call any part of your life boring!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Sounds like you've had a fun/busy summer and have even more heading your way. I hope everyone enjoys the back to school time.

Addison and Kristie said...

Are you telling me that it only gets busier as they get older? Because I'm banking on a nice break here in a few years. What have I gotten myself into??