Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween Is Over

Maggie as a flapper(thanks Carol)
Nick as a nerd (lame costume choice)
Sam as a Powder Puff Girl (very brave)
Ben as a disco something


Billie Sue said...

Cute kids, cute costumes -- cute family. Glad we get to see you on your posts since none of us make a big enough effort to do it in real life. Perhaps we should set a date over Christmas holidays right now and stick to it!

Nikki said...

What cute costumes! Halloween must be a big to-do rounding up costumes for everyone.

I'll do the tag soon, I promise! But, I liked learning more about you!

mary said...

Mare, Ben was Sexy Lexi!!!!

Alison said...

I loved Nick's costume, seriously. It reminds me of my husband.


How about you fly out here and decorate my house for me? I'm not qualified for the job. Do you like the colors we chose?