Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer List

1. Go camping
2. Have a birthday party for Sam and Nick
3. Finish reading the Necroscope series
4. Helping Mary with the new baby
5. Stay in Park City overnight
6. Get a great tan
7. Go boating
8. Keep the flowers and grass alive
9. Clean out two closets
10. Have a big BBQ with friends

A list of ten things doesn't seem like much but I'll be happy to get at least half of it done. It's already the end of June and then July just always sails by. The most important one is the birthday parties, these two kids always get overlooked because their birthdays are by holidays. I know Nick's is in December but I've promised Boondocks for two years and I'd better do it this year.


Maryjanepei said...

Yes!!! I made the list, you had me worried! Hahaha! Actually it would be more likely that I would forget and you would have to remind me a hundred times! What would I do without you? Thanks for everything! Your the best! I almost forgot, you did forget something on your list. #11 Cabin! Love ya!

Billie Sue said...

Over-achiever is all I can say, Mary Ann!!! Be realistic for those of us who deal with reality-- #2 should be, Get through each day! Seriously, good luck! You, most likely, will accomplish your list!

Ali Flegal said...

11. Eat more pretzels with Eliza

Ali Flegal said...

ps. your lesson today ROCKED. Grandma Flegal kept telling me how "beautiful" it was, that you're a cute girl and how happy she is that you live on our circle