Friday, October 24, 2008

Another tag...

I was tagged by Mary today to list 6 random things about myself.

1. I hate to wear lipstick.
2. I only wanted one child but which one?
3. I am not easily intimidated by anyone or anything.
4. I haven't talked to two of my sisters in over a year.(Which is a sad thing)
5. Animals love me and I am not a huge animal lover.
6. I hate showers- baby showers, bridal showers but not hot showers.

Now I have to tag six other people. Hmmmm..Maggie, Sydney, Nikki, Olivia, Dixie, and Robbin.
Dixie will never do it(that's a challenge Dix) 


Anonymous said...

Feeling guilty for not talking to your sisters. Oh that's right you are not intimidated by anyone or anything. Why aren't you talking to them? Could it be because you got involved with something that wasn't your business and you did not get the whole story and now that particular sister doesn't even exist to you. What about the other one did you get mad because she said both sisters were wrong in what they did. Interesting.

tortured mormon mom said...

No I really don't have any guilt issues about it. I felt I did the right thing and would do it again today. I would hope that one of my siblings would get my kid off the street at 11 at night. So to everyone out there if one of my kids runs away in the night and calls you then please pick them up. Call me and so I won't get hysterical wondering where they are and we'll sort it out in the morning. I hope that other people care enough about my kids to get involved.

Chelsea Johnson said...

Love your answers, Aunt Mary Ann! I'm dying about the picture of Uncle Jay because I think it looks exactly like my dad when he gets upset about something and gets a "broken jaw", as we all like to call it!

Kim said...

I would keep Nick...he's the cutest, the sweetest and would probably mellow out without older brothers pickin' on him. :)

TaraLee said...

congrats on the blog! I didn't know you were a designer, cool!!

Anonymous said...

You told me I was your favorite sister-in-law, you brat!! But I'll take the challenge. I'm glad you are blogging because you never return my calls.