Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged for the first time.....

10 Things That Make Me Smile
1. My kids when they are dancing and singing in the family room (especially when it's a little naughty).
2. Jay driving the bull truck.
3. Lily when she wants kisses.
4. San Francisco's Macy's shoe department.
5. Disneyland.
6. Handbags.
7. Finishing the end of a good book.
8. Vacation (Hawaii at sunset or Disneyland when it snows) Yes I know I live in Utah where we actually have the real thing but it's just magical there.
9. Going to the movies.
10. Bedtime
Now I tag, Katie, Mary , Faverett's, Kimmie, and Travis!


Keersten said...

I knew you would have some fun stuff in there. I can imagine you guys all dancing around--very fun!

mary said...

I just tagged you! I guess now I have to do yours!