Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A quiet morning at home

After doing three carpools, making four lunches, doing two french braids, making two beds, calling 10 more people for SEP conferences and getting five kids off to school; the morning has been mine. I love Wednesday mornings when everyone has left and the house is quiet. It's a nice to reflect on the beginning of the week and think about the rest of it. Jay was supposed to have a meeting in Hawaii the first of April and I didn't think he should go alone, the tickets were almost bought when a certain Lt. Col. screwed it up for him but mostly me in my mind. Now we aren't going. Hawaii is probably my all time favorite place to go. Getting off the plane, smelling the air, feeling the warm breeze, the salt in the air, it really is heaven on earth. Oh well, maybe next time. I guess reflecting on things may be a stretch, feeling sorry for myself is more like it! I'm fine now, maybe I'll go to Florida at the end of April with him, not Hawaii but still warm. Have a good day everyone.


Maryjanepei said...

That sucks! No reading and tanning on the beach all day by youreslf!

Julie said...

Sad-You'll just have to plan another one!

Anonymous said...

UPDATE!!!! I need something to read at work! love you! Katie