Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What? No sports for four days?

I have to say that it was really nice to have four days off from any sporting events. Yesterday it all started again only this time it is spring sports. Nick started soccer practice yesterday, Jake had already started soccer and today Ben and Sam start lacrosse. So everyday of the week is a practice of one kind or another with two games during the week and three on Saturdays! When does it become too much? I thought that by limiting the boys to one sport per season, we'd be in good shape. The only problem was I forgot to multiply that by four. If sports were the only activities they had it would be one thing but add into that school, church, music lessons, and scouts and it keeps the mom very busy. I love that they are active and social but I know that I didn't want to be this active. The other real problem is I don't really care about sports and I don't have any real desire to learn about them. I just go and yell good job and watch the ball- no matter what the sport is. I think I may embarass the boys. Better get moving so I can help Sam with his homework before his practice.


Susie said...

I thought we had so much in common with our love for spa treatments and trashy tv shows, but turns out we're different on the sports front. I'd love to have boys so that I could watch them in sporting events.

A helpful hint if you really don't like being a spectator...people watch. It's a sport in itself!

Julie said...

Are you kiddin me? You're a sports mom alright! You even worked the chain gang at a little league football game. I never did that one. I think I also heard you yell "get him!" at a football game.