Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Gums


Today Sam had to have oral surgery. He doesn't have enough gum on his lower jaw, in front of his bottom teeth. It took less than an hour, including a magic cocktail that helped him to relax, and so far so good. I've kept him doped up on tylenol with codeine and he isn't in much pain. He said it felt cool when they were getting the gum from the roof of his mouth, that must have been some cocktail. The doctor actually puts a "bandage" on both the site where they took the graft and the site where the graft went. It looks like pink bubblegum. He can only eat soft foods for the next week until he gets the stitches out and he thinks that means ice cream for a solid week.

He's doing great! And now he won't lose his bottom teeth!


Maryjane said...

ouch! I'm glad he finally got to have his "cocktail"

Addison and Kristie said...

I am glad to see that there are people in this world that I can relate to. I had cellulitis once too and had the IV hooked up for a few days. I will have to watch out for the gum graph with one of my kids.


grow up SERIOUSLY! said...


John Nikki Marshall said...

Ooh, poor guy! I had that done in high school and it was the most painful thing. EVER! Hope he's doing better than I did.