Sunday, July 6, 2008

You'll Never Guess Who was in the ER this time!

Jay has been suffering all week with what we thought was gout in his big toe. Yesterday on the way up to the lake, he told me that he'd had the chills the night before and thought that he was feverish. When we got the boat launched I finally took a look at his foot. It was huge and amazingly bright red up to almost the ankle. We boated for awhile, he wasn't going to give in to the pain, the boys wakeboarded and skied but finally I had enough of the butterflies in my stomach. I suspected that he had cellulitis. We got home around 3 and by 4 (and only 1 agrument, "Yes, I am taking you to the ER") we were off. After a not horribly long wait we made it back to the room and yes you guessed it cellulitis. They hooked him up to an IV, took an x-ray, and decided to not try to aspirate it because that can make the joint go septic. He was told to keep it up and to come back tomorrow for more antibiotic. He went, they think it looked a little better and told him see you again tomorrow. He is also on 2000mg of another antibiotic. His foot is still up and doesn't seem to hurt as badly. He told them I can't come in tomorrow I work, they told him be here before 6. His new mantra is "It's bad enough to be short and ugly, but crippled too?"
On a lighter note, he set Sam apart as a Deacon today. Another 12 year old boy.


Maryjane said...

I still can't believe that Sam is 12! I also can't believe you figured out how to post a picture from your cell phone, somebody is becoming computer savvy!

Katie and Andy said...

Ugh! that's annoying, this didn't save my comment. I swear anytime I go anywhere a family member makes a trip to the hospital. Poor dad! Sure makes for a fun weekend!

Julie said...

It's been a year of ER visits for you. I hope Jay is doing better! We went through this with Alex once. We actually started doing the iv's at home. That might not cramp Jay's style as much!