Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Reading!

The very best thing about summer is reading! Believe it or not I haven't watched any t.v. in two weeks, mostly because it is horrible. So I go to bed each night with a good book to start and usually get so caught up in it that I finish it the next day. Next to t.v., going to the movies, reading has to be my favorite hobby. I love to take the kids to the pool and sit in my chair reading my latest novel ( that way I also accomplish my getting a tan goal). If anyone has any good reads let me know, I'll add them to my list.


Michemily said...

You want a list, I'll give you a list! Enjoy!

Hope Leslie
The Garies and Their Friends
House on Mango Street
The Tragedy of Puddnhead Wilson
Rain of Gold
The Alchemist
Faith Rewarded (Pres. Monson)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)
The Wedding (Dorothy West)
Bel Canto
Believing Christ
The Hiding Place
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
One True Thing
Mere Christianity
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
Peter Pan
A Train to Potevka
The Peacegiver
No-No Boy
Snow Falling on Cedars
The Piano Lesson (August Wilson)
The Chosen
My Name is Asher Lev
Interpreter of Maladies
The Names (DeLillo)
The Mormon Way of Doing Business
Krik? Krak!
Dr. Zhivago
Yearning for the Living God
Crucial Conversations
Leadership and Self-Deception
Sala's Gift

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay and Mary; I just want to thnak you for shecking in on Add and Kristie and Simon, they needed someone who had had ER experience and you guys sure have. Eric and I have been in Delta in our new 5th Wheel Trailer putting the first crop or hay up and then we went back down to irrigate and start the second crop. I kind of like being out in the middle of no where and listening to the birds and watching the sunset and seeing all the big tractors moving around. It is definitly a different lifestyle, and the work is going to get us in shape or kill us. It's fun for us to be together and be away from the phone and the hustle and bustle. I'm going to have to get a camera and start up my blog spot. I like to be able to visit you through this media. Come see us some time and when I get the patio poured in Delta I'll have you down for a weiner roast.
Love ya'

John Nikki Marshall said...

If you go to my blog and scroll ALL the way down, it has a bookshelf of what I'm reading. If you click on it you can view my Shelfari account and see everything I've read recently. I also just read Gone With the Wind for bookclub and loooooovvvved it. It's long but it's worth reading.