Friday, December 5, 2008

California, here we come!

We are off to California and the wonderful, magical Disneyland tomorrow. It is a much needed break for all of us, besides it being the annual trek. We'll ride Pirates first, of course. Eat a little Bengal BBQ. Get lots of popcorn to remind us of my dad. Buy fun treats and just overdose(if possible) on the happiest place on earth. See you in a week.


The Gunnerson Family said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. And no, I don't think it is possible to overdose on Disney! Family, yes. Disney, no.

Alison said...

I vote next year you come to Disney WORLD. We'll meet you there! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think an ole' Aunt Dixie should have some fun, Lagoon with theMickey Mouse ears just doesn't cut it. Have fun