Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nick

While we were in California, Nick had his tenth birthday. He got to celebrate with Pooh, Tiger, Eyeore, Minnie, and Captain Hook. Unfortunately, my camera broke on the trip so I have to wait to get my disposable developed.
Nick had a rough start in life but has made up for it ever since. He is perhaps the most fun loving, adventuresome, loving child we have. He can play all day with friends or by himself. He talks too much and too fast but he's always just Nick. He has to put up with three older brothers, which most of the time isn't fun but he makes the best of it. He loves all sports. He is full of compassion for everyone and is always ready with a hug. He loves to put his arms around me and squeeze and I love it, too. Happy Birthday, Nick. Your mom loves you.


Kim said...

Me too, me too!! I love the Nick!! And if those big brothers get too mean he can always come and live with me.

Billie Sue said...

Happy birthday, Nick! There is always room on the farm for more--so if those big, older brothers are too bothersome--come on up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Nick, Mary I can not believe your luck, I can't get you off my mind, I'll try to get down after surgery and at least give you a day, or some help with laundry. Gosh what a Christmas!!
Love ya' Nick